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Issue 55 (November 2020) and Issue 56 (April 2021)

From November 2020, Dialogue will be published as an online only resource. We believe colleagues will appreciate a publication that can be copied freely and made available to students via school networks.

Articles include:

  • Truth and Religious Diversity: Jules Evans (Practical philosopher and author)
  • Kant’s Philosophy of Religion: Dr Tim Hull (St John’s College, Nottingham)
  • The Sermon on the Mount: Dr David Mills Daniel (Writer and educationalist)
  • The Teaching of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Dr Jennifer Moberly (University of Durham)
  • Plato and the Nature of Reality: Dr Ben Pugh (Cliff College, Sheffield)
  • Science and Religion: Professor Roger Trigg (Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford)
  • Developments in Christian Thought: Julian Waterfield (Writer and educationalist)
  • and much more

Subscribers may still order the Journal by downloading and completing the order form and mailing it to the Dialogue office. Please ensure that you include the subscriber’s email address, as well as an email address for the School’s Finance Department.
There is also the option to order via PayPal.

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