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Issue 59 (November 2022) and Issue 60 (April 2022)

We have an exciting line-up for 2022/23, covering key topics on the A-level syllabuses.

Articles include:

Plato and Aristotle: Jules Evans (Practical Philosopher and Author)

Natural Law: Catherine Pepinster (Writer and Commentator on Religion)

The Problem of Evil: Dr Tommy Lynch (University of Chichester)

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Revd Dr Stephen Plant (University of Cambridge)

The Mind/Body Problem: Jack Symes (University of Liverpool)

Religious Language (Symbol, Metaphor & Story): Dr Ben Fulford (University of Chester)

Moral Relativism: Dr Piers Benn (Fordham University London Centre)

God and Design: The Fine-tuning Argument: Professor Neil Manson (University of Mississippi)

The Concept of Prayer: Dr Elizabeth Burns (University of London Worldwide)

Virtue Ethics and the Trolley Problem: Dr Liezl van Zyl (University of Waikato)

and much more …

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