Issue 19: November 2002


Issue 19: November 2002

Why be Moral?
Dr. Christopher Falzon,
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Professor Brenda Almond,
Professor of Moral and Social Philosophy, University of Hull.

Just War – War against Iraq?
Dr. Peter Vardy,
Vice-Principal, Heythrop College, University of London.

Ideas about Conscience
Bob Bowie,
Head of Religious Education, St. John Fisher Catholic College, Chatham.

Religion without God
Professor Ray Billington,
Former Head of Philosophy, University of the West of England.

Wilderness, Religion, and Human Dwelling
Dr. Michael Northcott,
Reader in Christian Ethics, University of Edinburgh.

Is Science Enough?
Martin Rogers,
Co-Director of the Science and Religion in Schools Project. Previously Director of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies, Oxford.

Doing Without Free Will
Professor James Rachels
University Professor of Philosophy, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.