Issue 23: November 2004


Virtue on Wall Street?
Mark Coffey
(Teacher of Religion and Philosophy, The Manchester Grammar School)

A Dialogue with Professor Peter Singer (DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at the Centre for Human Values, Princeton University)

Redaction Criticism
The Reverend Dr. Anthony Bash
(Lecturer in Theology, University of Hull)

Who’s to Judge? Ethical Relativism versus Ethical Objectivism
Professor Louis P. Pojman
(Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge; until recently Professor of Philosophy at the United States Military Academy)

Sex and Marriage in the Christian Tradition
The Reverend Duncan J. Dormor
(Dean of St. John’s College, Cambridge)

The Challenge of Durkheim’s Sociological Interpretation of Religion
Bob Bowie (Lecturer in Religious Education, Canterbury Christ Church University College)

Euthanasia: Conflicting Positions
Dr. David Smith
(Ethics Consultant, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)