Issue 26: April 2006


Issue 26: April 2006

Animal Theology – or theology as if animals really mattered
The Revd. Professor Andrew Linzey (University of Oxford)

Supporting a good cause: Cosmological arguments for the existence of God
Gerald Jones (The Mary Ward Centre, London)

Virtue Ethics and Character Consequentialism
Professor Nicholas F. Gier (University of Idaho, USA)

The Problem of Evil
The Revd. Canon Professor Keith Ward (University of Oxford)

Meta-Ethics and Emotivism
John Rafferty (Langside College, Glasgow)

The Virtues of Reason and Faith: Friendship and Broad Perspectives
Professor Charles Taliaferro (St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, USA)

Jesus in his Social Setting
The Revd. Canon Professor John Riches (formerly University of Glasgow)