Issue 27: November 2006


Issue 27: November 2006

The Beer-Truck Hypothesis and Groundhog Day:
What Time Can Tell Us about The Meaning of Life
Professor Kimberly A. Blessing (Buffalo State College, New York)

Watch Your Language
Michael Poole (King’s College, London)

The Art of the AS and A2 Examination Essay
Michael Wilcockson (Principal A-level Examiner)

St. John’s Gospel: What is it all about, and why is it different?
The Revd Dr David Wenham (Wycliffe Hall, Oxford)

Excitement in AS/A2 Religious Studies Teaching
Professor Terence Copley (University of Exeter)

Religious Experience
Professor Paul Badham (University of Wales, Lampeter)

Karen Ann Quinlan, Tony Bland, and Terri Schiavo:
Withdrawing Life Support from Patients in a Persistent Vegetative State
Professor Nancy J. Duff (Princeton Theological Seminary)

Plato’s Theory of Forms
Dr Raphael Woolf (King’s College, London)