Issue 29: November 2007


Issue 29: November 2007

How free are you? 
Dr. Lisa Jones (University of St. Andrews)

‘It ain’t necessarily so’: The Bible’s prohibition of homosexuality
The Reverend Duncan Dormor (St. John’s College, Cambridge)

Bad Arguments: They Live Amongst Us
Dr. Constantine Sandis (Oxford Brookes University)

What does religion tell us about happiness?
Professor Richard Schoch (Queen Mary, University of London)

Plato’s Theory of Immortality
Dr. Michael Palmer (Marlborough College)

Life after Death and Personhood
Dr. Stephen Parker (Cadbury Sixth Form College)

Common Errors and ways of avoiding them
Hugh Campbell (St. Aloysius’ College, Glasgow; A-level Principal Examiner)

Professor Jonathan Jacobs (Colgate University, New York)