Issue 31: November 2008


Issue 31: November 2008

Climate change and you: consequences, intentions and consistency
Dr. James Garvey (The Royal Institute of Philosophy)

On seriously doubting the existence of God
Dr. Mark Vernon (Writer, broadcaster, journalist; Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London)

Freud and Religion
Part Two: Wishes, Illusions and the Oedipus Complex

Dr. Brian R. Clack (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of San Diego, California, USA)

Can Morality Save the Planet? – a critical introduction to environmental ethics
John Foster (Freelance teacher and writer; Honorary Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Lancaster)

Time, Eternity and Divine Foreknowledge – The Boethian View
Hugh Campbell (Head of Theology, St. Aloysius’ College, Glasgow; A-level Principal Examiner)

Can God act in the world science describes?
Dr. Christopher Southgate (Research Fellow in Theology, University of Exeter)

Windows, Gateways and Mirrors: The Parables of Jesus
Professor C. Clifton Black (Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary)