Issue 37: November 2011


Issue 37: November 2011

God and Evolution
Professor Brendan Sweetman,
Professor of Philosophy, Rockhurst University, USA

Act and Rule Utilitarianism 
Noel Stewart,
Head of Philosophy and Critical Thinking, Wyke Sixth Form College

Metaethics – separating facts and morality
Andy Skinnard,
Head of Upper School, Alleyn’s School, Dulwich

Virtue and Vice in the Hurt Locker
Dr Jonathan Webber,
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Cardiff

‘Who can straighten God’s handiwork?’ Reflections on the Ethics of Human Genetic Engineering and Therapy
Esmond Lee,
Head of Religious Studies, Trinity School, Croydon

Whitehead’s God and the Problem of Evil 
Dr Mark Tebbit,
Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Reading and University of Notre Dame (London Centre)

The God of Philosophy: It’s all Greek to me!
Dr Roy Jackson,
Reader in Philosophy of Religion, University of Gloucestershire

In Defence of Divine Commands
Dr Matthew Flannagan,
Philosopher and Theologian