Issue 41: November 2013


Issue 41: November 2013

Beyond Stewardship? Biblical Texts and Environmental Ethics
Professor David G. Horrell, Director of the Centre for Biblical Studies, University of Exeter; Dr Anna Davis, Associate Research Fellow, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Exeter.

Aristotle and the Ethics of Character
Dr Brendan Sweetman, Professor of Philosophy, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, USA)

Fear and Trembling: Teaching the Problem of Evil
Nicky Hansell and Joe Jenkins (Ethics Online)

Kant and Christianity
Leslie Stevenson Honorary Reader in Philosophy, University of St. Andrews

Is Faith Rational?
Andy Waldron, Head of Philosophy, Sevenoaks School

Dilemmas involving Violence and Power
The Very Rev Dr Ian S. Markham, Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary, USA

Boethius and Paradox
Dr Josephine Gabelman, Teacher of Religious Studies, Eastbourne College

Miracles and Misconceptions
The Rev Dr Tim Hull, Lecturer in Theology, Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, St. John’s College, Nottingham