Issue 43: November 2014


Issue 43: November 2014

The Land Ethic a holistic, coherent and convincing environmental ethic
Dr David Mills Daniel, author and researcher

The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Ethics
The Reverend Duncan Dormor, Dean of St John’s College, Cambridge

Hume’s Problem and the Nature of Greed
Lord Sutherland of Houndwood

Assisted Suicide
Baroness Mary Warnock

Postmodern Philosophy: Demonic or Divine?
The Reverend Dr Tim Hull, Lecturer in Theology, Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, St John’s College, Nottingham.

Is the God of the Philosophers really God?
Michael Wilcockson, Head of Philosophy, Eton College; Chief Examiner for A-level Religious Studies

Life after Death
Nicky Hansell, consultant, Ethics Online