Issue 45: November 2015


Issue 45: November 2015

Abortion and Personhood
Dr James H. Spence, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religion / Director, Institute for Ethics, Adrian College, Michigan, USA.

Is God Evil?
Dr Stephen Law, Lecturer in Philosophy, Heythrop College, University of London.

Should We Worry About Hume’s ‘Is/Ought Gap’?
Dr David Mills Daniel, author and researcher.

Contending with God: Suffering and Faith in the Story of Job
The Revd Dr Sarah Bachelard, Honorary Fellow, Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue, Australian Catholic University.

Of what was Moses afraid? 
Rabbi Lord Professor Jonathan Sacks, Emeritus Professor of Law, Ethics and the Bible, King’s College, London.

Can We Trust Our Conscience?: Joseph Butler, John Henry Newman and the ‘Hotline View’ of Moral Epistemology
Dafydd E. Mills Daniel, D.Phil. candidate, Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford.

Navigating a way around Hume’s ‘Rock of Atheism’
Mike Tonks, Second Master, Shrewsbury School

Ethical Cognitivism and Non-cognitivism
Dr Kumar Viswanathan, Head of Religious Studies, Aldenham School