Issue 46: April 2016


Issue 46: April 2016

Religious Experience Part 1: The Essential Starting Point
Mel Thompson, Writer, teacher and A-level examiner

Moral Reasoning
Marianne Talbot, Director of Studies in Philosophy, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford.

Is Religious Language Meaningful?
Megan Daniel, Teacher of Religious Studies, Bradford Grammar School; A-level Examiner.

Virtue Ethics: Aristotle and MacIntyre Compared
Peter Baron, author and editor,

Two Dialogues about Same-sex Relationships
Dr David Mills Daniel, author and researcher.

Rawls and Nozick on Social Justice
Dr Michael Lacewing, Director of Research and Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Heythrop College, University of London.

Reason and the Moral Sense: Ethical Rationalism and Sentimentalism in the British Enlightenment
Dr Dafydd E. Mills Daniel, A-level Examiner.