Issue 47: November 2016


Issue 47: November 2016

Aristotle and the Virtues of Virtue Ethics
Gerald Jones, Head of the Adult Learning Service, London Borough of Lewisham.

Joseph Fletcher’s Situation Ethics: Fifty Years
Professor Robin Gill, Emeritus Professor of Applied Theology, University of Kent; Editor of Theology.

All Change! The New AS and A Level Specifications in Religious Studies
Dennis Brown, Head of Religion and Philosophy, Manchester Grammar School.

Synderesis, Conscientia and the Practical Syllogism: Conscience and Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas
Dr Dafydd E. Mills Daniel, A-level Examiner.

To act or omit to act: the problem with euthanasia
Dr Bryan Greetham, author

Religious Experience Part 2: Can religious experience show that God does not exist? 
Dr Mel Thompson, author and A-level Examiner

The Ethical Intuitionism of G.E. Moore and W.D. Ross
Dr David Mills Daniel, author and researcher.