Issue 48: April 2017


Issue 48: April 2017

Can salvation be found through all of the world’s religions? A discussion of John Hick’s pluralist theology
Libby Ahluwalia, author and A-level examiner.

Aristotle and the Vices of Virtue Ethics
Gerald Jones, Head of the Adult Learning Service, London Borough of Lewisham.

The Ontological Argument – proof or apologia?
Esmond Lee, Head of Religious Studies, Trinity School, Croydon.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Theology of Leadership
Michael Wilcockson, Head of Philosophy, Eton College.

Is the Immortality of the Soul a Coherent Notion?
Megan Watkins, Teacher of Religious Studies, Bradford Grammar School.

Religious Diversity
Dr Chad Meister, Professor of Philosophy, Bethel College, USA.

Ethical Emotivism, Universal Prescriptivism and Ethical Descriptivism
Dr David Mills Daniel, author and researcher.