Issue 49: November 2017


Issue 49 : November 2017


Who was Jesus? A look at some recent findings in the quest for the historical Jesus
Dr Mark Vernon, wrier, broadcaster and journalist.

Getting the best A-level grades
Jon Mayled, A-level Principal Examiner.

‘Propositional plain reading’ or ‘spirit led analogous interpretation’? How revisionist interpretations of Acts 10-15 conclude same sex relationships can be holy.
Dr Robert A. Bowie, Faculty Director of National Institute for Christian Education Research, Canterbury Christ Church University.

Afterlife and the soul: are they plausible as well as logically possible?
Megan Watkins, Teacher of Religious Studies, Bradford Grammar School.

How Christ became God in an A level classroom
Nicky Hansell (Ethics Online)

Why students achieve or under-achieve in the Philosophy/Ethics examination process.
John Frye, A-level Principal Examiner.

Liberation Theology
Mark Coffey, Teacher of Religion and Philosophy, The Manchester Grammar School.