Issue 53: November 2019


Issue 53: November 2019

Articles include:

Freud and Religious Belief
Libby Ahluwalia
Author, Oxford A-level Religious Studies for OCR

The Utilitarian Dilemma: Bentham, Mill and the Trolley Problem
Peter Baron, Education Director of Academy Conferences

The Principle of Double Effect
Dennis Brown
Author, Religion and Ethics for OCR (Polity Press)

The Use and Abuse of the Bible in Christian Ethics
Dr David Grumett, Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ethics, University of Edinburgh

Applied Virtue Ethics
Gerald Jones
Author, Philosophy in Focus series;
Head of Adult Learning, London Borough of Lewisham.

Dr Lisa Jones, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews

The Problem of Evil
Dr Mel Thompson, author.
Recent titles include Philosophy for Life and Ethics for Life (Teach Yourself)

Gender and Theology
Samantha Webster, Head of Philosophy and Theology, Caterham School

Truth and the Diversity of Religions
The Revd Canon Professor Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, University of Oxford